The 6 Don’ts of Social Media

social media tipsAs social media marketing gains more and more popularity, many marketers believe that they have their social media strategy down. However, there are still some areas that many social media managers struggle with. If you are interested in making your marketing a bit more digital, here are some things that you should NOT do when creating your social media strategy.

#1 Don’t Ignore Others

We get it your social media account is for your brand and not you personally. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add personality to your interactions on social media. Consumers react better when you are personable with your followers.

So what can you do to add some personality to your social media pages? When someone likes, shares or comments on your posts or tweets, thank them. If you can offer some expertise on a subject that your followers are discussing, chime in. Don’t be afraid to show your brand’s personality and help your followers get to know you.

Caution: Make sure the personality you incorporate is an upbeat and positive one. You don’t want to push followers away by being cynical or controversial.

#2 Don’t Mislead Your Followers

You may feel like you’re constantly struggling to be one step ahead of your competition on social media. Even if this is the case, you NEVER should or want to create fake personas or profiles or share anything that is less than 100% true in order to beat your competition.  Your customers want a brand that they can put their trust in. If they discover you have been anything but honest with them you will lose their respect and loyalty.

#3 Don’t Be Too Salesy

Consumers follow brand profiles to get to know the brand and to create a relationship with that brand. No one wants to follow a brand that is all advertising. That is why you should try to include topics your followers are interested in, current topics in the news, images, videos, jokes, etc. 1 out of every 5 to 10 posts should be promotional.

#4 Don’t Censor Your Followers

Receiving criticism and negative comments over social media is never any fun. You may be tempted to filter out these negative comment in order to control what kind of content your followers will see. This usually doesn’t go over well with consumers. Most people want to know that when they speak or comment in this case, they are being heard. They want to know the full story when they view your content.  Instead of hiding or deleting negative comments, take a moment to listen to them. Try to understand why that person made the comment and what you can to do resolve it. You want to respond with a polite and helpful tone and in a timely manner.

#5. Don’t Overuse #Hashtags

No one wants to see 20 hashtags attached to a 5 word sentence. Not only #is #it #hard #to #read it looks like spam.

Balance out your hashtags. Using 5 hashtags on Facebook may be alright but using 5 hashtags on Twitter when you can only have 140 characters is overkill.

#6. Don’t Post Too Much

Posting too much content at once on a consistent basis is going to annoy your followers. You have probably been a victim of this at one point and time while you were on social media. No one wants to see 10 posts of quotes from you in a single hour.

Try to keep a well-balanced posting schedule that works for you and your followers.

While these six don’ts are important, they are not the only don’ts you should remember. On Point can help you come up with a social media strategy that will help you avoid social media pit falls so you can find the success you are looking for.


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